You know that feeling you get when your clothes either become too tight or too loose? You immediately get that instinct that it is time for a shopping spree because NOW YOU NEED CLOTHES THAT CAN FIT. Well, I hate to be the one to break it down to you but your brand follows the same logic.

Your brand can become too big for its current audience or worse, become so lost in the ever-changing industry standards. Every brand will have to redefine itself at some point in time to ensure they are staying on brand and within their brand’s mission.

It can definitely to know when it is time for a rebrand especially if you can not see the signs. Even if you did notice the signs, we get so lost in our everyday workload that it becomes impossible at times to act on that need.

So how do you know its time for a rebrand? Here are some quick tips to help you see the signs.

1. Your brand name no longer reflects your brand vision
Oh yes! Remember that business name you came up with years ago (sometimes, months ago)? Does it represent you or your brand? Sometimes a change in your delivery can change the direction you were originally looking for your brand to go in. 

2. You’re embarrassed to hand out your business card or website address
This happens to be a biggie I am noticing a log in my networking. When it’s time to exchange cards or website details, the first remarks I hear are: 
-“Don’t mind my card, I need to get new ones” or;
-“My website needs to be updated, it lacks ….”
In this case, it is definitely time for a rebrand. When you hand out your cards or give your domain name to someone, you should be proud of what they are looking at with no explanation because your material is a piece of your brand’s mission.

3. You’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition
Another big one! In a world full of designers, I have to learn how to differentiate my self from my competition. When most businesses start out, they tend to mimic their competition instead of doing something different from their competitor. Be bold, stand out! So yes, if you started out with mimicking another company’s brand there is a 100% chance you won’t do well because you are not fulfilling your brand. You are fulfilling their brand’s vision which you know nothing about!

4. Your brand has become overly complicated or diffuse
Your message and design confuse the people you come into contact with? Too much going on? You want to be sure you are not complicating the process. If so, a rebrand is in your future!

5. Your business model or strategy has changed
Remember when you started off as just an EVENT PLANNER with so many options? Remember how much potential income you thought you had to be able to tend to the entire industry? Yeah, no! Now, you toned down your niche to just Wedding Planning which has not changed your business model and strategy. Time for a re-brand.

6. You’re struggling to raise your prices
This was a biggie for me when I decided to go through a rebrand. Yes, even brand strategist have this issue! When you started out, your prices were xxx but now you are raising them to xxxxx? It is definitely time for a rebrand because the value of your offering changes the target of your audience. 

7. You’re trying to connect with a new audience
Every day, the internet is changing and so is how we do business. Staying on top of the demographic change is good for business. A rebrand allows for room to reach these new and untapped audiences. 

I would love to be the person you choose for your rebrand! I currently have room for (2) brand identity clients this month and would be honored to work with you in the future. If you are interested in a rebrand, please apply here

P.S. Yes, I am asking that my clients apply to see if you are a fit for my brand audience prior to working together with one another. The same that I ask you to ask when vetting your clients. You want to be sure you are working with clients on your brand’s mission to stay cohesive.