My Process

Creating a brand should be an amazing and stress-free experience when you are working with a professional. I have perfected my process to ensure my clients enjoy and understand their project throughout the journey together.

1. Consultation:  By this time, you have decided it’s time for us to work together. We will go over your plan for your brand, goals, estimated time allotted for the project and much more. This will then lead you to your client portal to get started!

2. Fees & Ish: Now that you are set up in the portal and ready to work, this is where we get serious. The invoice & agreements (contract) is sent out outlining the details we discussed during the consultation for the project.

3. Intake: Although we discussed some of the details during our call, I always send out an intake form for each project to get detailed information to get the project started on the right foot. All information entered is used to ensure I represent your brand correctly!

4. Planning: This phase is important and its very important that you followed phase 3 (intake) as I will be using the information from the forms to plan out the concept of the project. I will be drafting different concepts which will then be used to go into phase 5.

5. Let Me Work My Magic: This is the hardest part for you! Its sitting back and letting me use all the information you provided me in the previous steps and letting me work my magic to bring to life your vision for your project. This process can be a lenthy one depending on the project details.

6. The Fine Print: No! We are not going back to the fine print. This is where you now get a chance to go over the mock(s) that I have provided for you to review. You will notate any changes you deem fit before moving to the launch phase.

7. Flight Over: Now why I appreciated  working with you, this is the exciting phase for both of us. This means we have finalized all details and all source files/websites have been delivered. It is now time to deplane and show off. 

Interested In Working With Me? If you are interested in working with me and understand/agree with my process. Please take a look through my services and reach out for a consultation

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